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Friday, October 22, 2010

Sixteen Flights

Sixteen Flights


Dear Diary,

There were too many people in the apartment. The perils of dating a man with roommates. It would have been too weird to slip into his bedroom and screw wildly. It turns out I can be kind of loud.

Disappointed but sort of resigned we headed out, joking about fucking in the stairwell, slowly making our way down sixteen flights kissing, laughing, talking fondling. He would have been perfectly content to fuck in the stairwell. I was squeamish about it. He offered to lay his coat down on a landing for me. I was thinking more along the lines of facing a wall and being taken from behind. Somehow with the sounds of apartment doors and elevators opening and closing I couldn't quite get myself to agree.

I ended up giving him a blow job. He was backed up against an entrance door and I had been stroking his cock so it was already out of his pants. I just knelt down and put my mouth on it. I haven't had much practice so we've been working on it. Together. I stroked his shaft with my hand, sometimes taking his whole penis in my mouth and sometimes just the head so I could use my tongue on the ridge and his hole. He pumped in and out of my mouth. I like it when it bumps the back of my throat. Is that weird? When he came his knees slowly started to bend then to buckle. I thought he might fall down but he just saved himself.

I don't swallow so it got all over us and we laughed and laughed. There was cum covering both of my hands and dripping into my jacket sleeves, some on my chin and drips on my scarf. It was funny and fun.

Tired now. Night.


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