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Friday, October 8, 2010

I Try

I Try
R to NC-17


She tried quickly to lock the door but felt his fingers in her hair, tangled and urgent and wasn't sure she turned the button. He turned her roughly, molding his palm to her cheek and moved her close to him. Not kissing, not touching, if the lights had been on they would have been staring at each other's pupils. She flicked her tongue out, trying to reach him and in a flash he rotated his hand from her cheek. It was tight on her throat, not choking but he brooked no refusal, no further initiative from her. So she waited, desperate, heart pounding, hands on his strong forearms until he yanked her in close and kissed her with bruising force, teeth on lips and strong tongues. Her hands dropped quickly to his thighs. Stroking up from knee to groin. Not touching his penis maddened him. His grip on her hair tightened and released with each stroke. Finally he jammed a leg between her thighs and let her ride, loving the sound of her gasps in his ear.  She should  know his belt by now but her trembling hands made her fumble. She reached into his pants and they sighed in unison with relief when she finally held him. He was hot and oozing pre-come already. She used one hand to hold him straight and the flat of her other open palm to spread the liquid over his head. He stopped kissing and rested his forehead against hers, panting.


Her cunt pulsed.

She kissed and nipped his neck while pumping him surely in her fist and he groaned deeply. She made the barest dip of her knees. Not remembering or caring or maybe even realizing where they were just needing to taste him now. He pulled her up harshly.


"I want to." 

Looking around in the vague orange light of the exit sign he saw the toilet had a lid, put it down and stood on it. While he balanced himself with his arms on the wall. She was free to take him in her mouth. Slowly at first with the longest strokes her throat would allow, stopping to feel him pulse in her full mouth. Then licking him with a broad, wet, flat tongue so he could feel the cool air on his wet cock and finally engulfing him again for the faster strokes aided by her fist at his root until his knees buckled and his loud groan told her to swallow.

He held her shoulders to shakily step down from his perch then folded her to his chest in a bear hug.

"Oh, Margaret."


"You are amazing."

"Thanks. I try."

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