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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Problem. Solution.

While I have, of course, many things to recommend I have arrived at the nooning of the Wednesday, Resource Room Day, with nothing written, nothing coming to mind, a lost list and much actual work to do at my actual job. How dare they, right?

My favorite piece of advice from my mentor is, "Make the problem your solution." My degree is in theatre so usually that meant realizing you didn't have enough money for a spot light so giving the actors borrowed flashlights and pointing them at each other instead or something of the that ilk.

Here, today it means asking a question instead of giving an answer. Because I know that we're a community of great knowledge and you know things that I want to know, you just haven't told me yet. So, what do you recommend I take a look at? Films, toys, stories, websites, people, pictures, fads, anything at all. Tell me something I don't know.


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  1. how about aphrodisiacs? worth it, silly, any real ones, sex while high, etc ... curious I am.