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Friday, October 21, 2011

Not At All Like Bungee Jumping

You know what's inspirational? Fisting!

Today is Fisting Day and I can't let it pass without a post. I don't know if it's National Fisting Day or International, maybe Universal. I'll take it whoever is endorsing it.

OK, full disclosure, I don't know a lot about this. That's why I'm so thrilled, though. It's a topic about which I am very intrigued. I would never bungee jump but I imagine the combination of excitement and fear about fisting is how people feel when they want to bungee jump. Let's hope that someday I have as much fun as the people in those amusement park commercials seem to.

Back to the topic of having a Fisting Day. What's great is that it brings out great information and resources. Let me share what I've found.

First is aagblog with a list of all the fisting posts she's done.

Secondly aagblog also links to Jiz Lee's fisting contribution (which confirms that it's actually International Fisting Day [unofficially]).

Babeland reviews posted a fisting link round up.

Dylan Ryan contributed a photo that's somehow both hot and kind of funny.

If you've got anything you've found please let us know in the comments.