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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Submission Joyfully Achieved!

Day 163: Big BookThanks to everyone who read through the archives over the past week while I pondered what to submit to Blogher's upcoming racy ebook. Did you submit anything yourself?

There were great suggestions, even one that I'd already considered myself. Since there was no limit on the number of items one could submit today I went through the very simple process and turned in three posts; Masked, Hello Stranger, and Snow Day. The deadline is this Sunday and I'm sure it will take a while to go through all the pieces that came in so I don't know when I'll hear back. Fingers crossed, though, I'd really like to be part of this project.

Now here's the fun part, somebody is getting a movie. As it turns out two somebodies are. You see, three people chimed in by the deadline and one of those said she already had a movie so she could be taken out of the running. I'm not going to eeny meenie miney mo the other two so I'm going to send them each the Comstock Film of their choice.

So, Laura and Bethany, you're both winners! Please email me at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com with your choice of Comstock Film. Include your address so I can order online and have it sent directly to you. Thank you thank you for your help!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Opine Your Opinionated Opinions Please

UntitledBlogher has been working in concert with Open Road to publish a couple of e-books. They recently put out a call for submissions for the next publication which is about sex.

Hmmmm, I may have written a thing or two on the subject.

I would really like to submit something but I always have a hell of a time choosing which thing to send. Here, of course, is where I hope you can help me. I was thinking of submitting some fiction but I'm open to other ideas, too.

In related news, my friend, Captain David Ryan, formerly known as Tony Comstock, tweeted recently that they are low on stock of a couple of Comstock Films titles and they aren't sure if they'll be reprinting them since their family's work has taken on a different focus.

Let us combine these two pieces of information. I will choose someone at random from the readers who, in the comments section of this post, suggest something for me to submit to Blogher's sex book and send that person the Comstock Film of their choice. (If you comment anonymously then simply sign in the body of the comment with an alias and if your alias is announced here as the winner you'll be responsible for emailing me to choose your film and pony up a place for it to be sent in a perfectly confidential way.)

The Blogher deadline is October 21 and I'll have to have a little time to prep whatever I send so let's say, please have your comments in by Wednesday October 17 at 5pm (that's next Wednesday). Sound good?

Thanks for your help. You are always endlessly helpful to me and I want you to know that I appreciate it.

You know what else I appreciate? The fact that you have great sexual thoughts and experiences and feelings that deserve to be shared. Anyone can submit writing or artwork to this book so if you've got something you want to send you should do it. You really should.