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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Have A Question!

Every time we take an extra little step here I get excited all over again that (with a lot of help) I got this site going. Today's big leap for sex talk is.....a reader question! It's time sensitive y'all, so please chime in as soon as you're able.

A Devoted Reader commented yesterday, "I need help asap! I am going away with someone in a couple of days and he asked me to "surprise" him. I mean, I know all the tricks of the "typical trade" but what could I do that would be surprising? Any tips?"

This is a toughie because we don't know what this couple has done together yet. My first instinct is to say that, if there is something you've done before, something you've loved doing that you haven't done with this particular partner then now is the time to bring that tool out of the box.

So to speak.

I think that when someone asks to be surprised it's a good bet they're asking for a chance not to be the one who initiates. As last Friday's fiction might imply I think a nice, low key way to bring variety to the table (or the rug or the bathroom sink or anywhere else) is with a blindfold. You can use anything for that, even just turning out the lights. It gives the blindfolded person permission to enjoy receiving attention and even things they've felt before can feel different and heightened because s/he doesn't know what's coming next. If you're going away for more than one night each partner could have their own night to receive which can be pretty luxurious.

I thought of a few other possibilities but I like the blindfold one best. Let's see what other commenters have to offer up and if none of those are really shining your shoes then ring in and I'll throw out a couple more.


  1. I would accidentally leave something in the car, find a place to change, and come back in costume...the slutty hotel cleaning lady? the hooker he ordered? a moll needing to hide out from her gangster boyfriend?
    The surprise is in that he really won't be expecting it.
    If you're already in bed, he's waiting for something to happen.

  2. Wearing something under your clothes that he would never expect. Maybe you look like the white panties/prim and proper girl on the out side, but really are wearing very sexy red panties (or nothing at all) under those jeans.

  3. go commando and bra-less. shocks'em every time.

  4. Oh, and masturbating in the passenger seat while your partner is driving can be fun. Just start doing it...that is, if he can keep his eyes on the road, you think.

  5. I have been inspired, by the recent spate of hot and sticky weather, to consider ice cubes as one of the.. erm... tools. Also? I've heard that both Altoids and Listerine have interesting side effects, but I've not yet played with those things....

  6. Its always fun to see his face when you go to the bathroom during a nice dinner or during drinks at the bar and deliver your panties to his pocket when you get back.
    That check will get paid really quickly!

  7. I like Regina's idea -- and be sure to wear a dress

  8. Thank you all for your comments and thanks to Kizz for posting my question. I loved the idea of having a little fun on the drive and planned on doing that one... well, the surprise was on me. He started touching me before I could even have the chance! It was so amazing and so wonderful and I am sure there might have been a few truck drivers who got quite the show!

    But, the best part of all of it was me telling him I had asked for ideas. He immediately pulled up the site on his iPhone and read the post. I think the fact that I wanted to do something different and had looked for it this way was huge to him. It was quite the turn on.

    It was an amazing time away with the man I love so very much and I wish I had not had to say goodbye.

    Again, thank you!