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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uniquely Delightful

My recommendation for this week is Tony & Peggy Comstock. Whatever they do, wherever they go I suggest you follow. It may be a strange and confusing journey at first but you'll get into the swing of it in no time and they will not steer you wrong.

I initially recommended their company, Comstock Films, over at The Women's Colony which led me to a chance to hear Tony speak and now I follow his films, his tweets and his blogs every chance I get. The films the Comstocks create are of real life couples being interviewed and having sex. It's not something, I'm pretty sure, you can find anywhere else.

The Comstocks are, of course, embroiled in the battles against censorship and for healthy sexual imagery as well. Tony is well-versed in how our current film ratings systems was developed (those letters so don't mean what you think they mean) and his family's livelihood has been repeatedly threatened as those skewed "values" trickle into the way the internet is organized. His blog, Tony Comstock's Koan of Silence, is a fully safe-for-work site intended not only to broadcast Tony's experiences as a proponent of real, unscripted sexual imagery but as a test subject against his other not-always-safe-for-work sites to see where the new restrictions in search engines are leading.

It's complicated. But it's important to keep ourselves informed because, as tame as this site may often be, it's already, I'm sure, banned from a number of homes and offices. So get yourself informed a bit but before you get overwhelmed scoop yourself up a copy of one of the Comstocks' films, lie back and relax. You won't be disappointed.

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