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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brand Spanking New Feature!

The middle of the week seems like a long, barren wasteland. I need to put up another post midweek. I can't wait all the way from Monday to Friday anymore. So I thunk and I thunk (like the Grinch) and I came up with something simple and fun. I'm going to feature a resource every Wednesday. Might be a book or web site or toy or anything else. There are so many things I find while poking around the internet that I want to share and this seems like the way to do it.

I considered a number of resources to kick off the feature. They were all intriguing and delightful but I wanted it to go off with a, if you will, so I chose The Over-Educated Nympho. She's a young, fun gal living in Texas who wants to help others have fun. I suggest you check out her blow job tutorial or her threesome chronicles.

She's been on hiatus for a while but, if you follow her on Twitter (she calls it Twatter), you know that she's had a really exciting weekend and she's writing the new blog posts even as I post this. She keeps her identity pretty well secret so there aren't many inappropriate images but the language might get nabbed by your employer's spyware or your tween children.


If you've found anything out there on the vast internet that you think deserves a recommendation here please shoot me an email at isabeau6 at hotmail dot com.

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