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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Star Light, Star Bright

I'll be damned if I can find it now but I remember reading a blog post about the effectiveness of orgasm in reducing pain during labor. The woman brought her Hitachi Magic Wand to the birthing center and gave herself genuine relief! I love that story. The writer in question is Susie Bright. Why I didn't start off the Resource Room by recommending her we may never understand. I'm doing it now, though!

Susie Bright has forgotten more about sex, sexuality, sexual revolution, gender, politics, love and acceptance than I may ever know. She edited a series of anthologies that I credit with the majority of my orgasms for over a decade. She hosts an audio series with some of the most interesting people and topics I can imagine. She has a blog where all of a sudden she'll teach you a history lesson wrapped up in a political rant swaddled in a sexy story and leave you laughing and crying all at once. Seriously, do you like any or all of Jimi Hendrix, lesbians, strippers, Woodstock, San Francisco, burlesque or groupies? Susie Bright covers all those in one blog post. She and her daughter, Athena, once wrote a sex advice column together even! You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. You can buy her books and games and other innovations. I urge, encourage, even beg you to support her in every way as she is now and ever has been a pioneer in talking about sex.

I created this site because I started writing about sex and women kept writing to me, "Thanks for this, no one I know ever talks about it."

Go now. Get to know Susie Bright. She talks about it.

Susie's books at the Chronicle Books site.
Her blog.
Her store.
Susie on
Photos of Susie Bright.
In Bed With Susie Bright, her audio show.

*The above photo is not Ms. Bright, it's a fair use photo from The Commons at Flickr. The woman's button says, "Pray For Sex." I liked that.

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  1. I've been reading her since the Best of American Erotica 1993. Wonderful talent. And too bad that I was alone during my pregnancy because nature did indeed call for relief. I also felt guilt about this... the actual act. What if she comes out and when she is five remembers being hit in the head repeatedly while she was still in my uterus? Its on e of the first time's I remember using caution and guilt to guide me in my life... I even gave up serial killer books. But I still held fast to Fox Mulder. I watched him twice a day while I was pregnant...
    and well... look at my child... beautiful.
    Pregnancy makes you whack. More whack than usual. But it still the most lovely thing I've ever done.