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Monday, September 6, 2010

Roll Me Between Your Palms

Over at 117 Hudson I posted my progress on the things I wanted to do for the Year of Yes. A kindly reader noticed that I wanted to get a massage this year (and seriously, you guys, this year is running out). She was planning to go to a spa near our homes this weekend and invited me to tag along. I'd read about this place but never gone.

Massages are relatively expensive everywhere, I guess. (Want to let me know how expensive they are in your area?) Here the going rate is right around $100 in a spa, $180 and up for private in-home treatment. Now I know that the masseurs deserve that kind of dough. I know how long and complex their training is and, given what they're doing for me, they're worth every penny. It's hard to justify that kind of outlay on feeling good, right? Well, it is for me. It's a crying shame, too. If money were no object I'd go at least once a month and I'd be the better for it.

Money is an object, though, which means that the time in between massages is long enough to breed forgetfulness. I forget how great it feels to have someone be so nice to you, how seriously delicious it is to be required to just let go. I didn't completely burst into tears or anything but I think that was only because crying would have been effortful and it was so much nicer to just relax.

This weekend's massage was a Swedish one. Elizabeth, the masseuse, asked me if I had any areas she should concentrate on. I told her that my shoulders, achilles tendons and calves were suffering from the increased dog walking. She applied hot towels to those areas. Bliss! The massage wasn't especially deep but it was almost like being suspended in water...or...jello, I don't know but I started to feel a little weightless. I chose Swedish because it was the least expensive ($95) 60 minute massage on the menu. I think next time I might save enough for a deep tissue massage ($120). The only time I've had one of those I left feeling almost drunk. I guess that sort of massage releases toxins and helps release more tension. It's a fantastic feeling!

Despite feeling like I can't afford another massage right away I'm eagerly collecting information about where I can go and what treatments I can experience next. Apparently there's a great place in San Francisco I should try. Maybe one of the sort of militant Korean massages in Los Angeles? Apparently the Canyon Ranch chain is glorious. I want to try them all!

What kinds of things do you do for your body? Massages? Mani-pedis? Yoga class? Other? Do you struggle with the cost-benefit analysis? How do you achieve that balance and give yourself what you deserve?


  1. i don't do nearly enough for myself. (VERY) occasionally i'll give myself a manicure, but i'm usually too busy getting dirty to justify it.

    the most i do on any kind of regular basis involves using the expensive salon shampoo and conditioner in the shower. *shrug*

  2. The only massage I ever had was free, full-body, using not just hands but arms, chest and legs, and I'll never forget it. (No, it wasn't sex. But...WOW.) It made me cry, it was so good. That's pretty much why I won't go to a professional masseuse to have it done, because it releases far more than I feel comfy releasing in front of anyone who doesn't know me very, very well.

  3. I just paid $75 for a Swedish massage in my area of Portland, Oregon. It was in a very nice spa and worth every penny! It'll probably be another year before I splurge like that again. It would certainly be nice to be able to afford to do it more often.

  4. they're about 70-80 per hour around here. Always too much for me to spend on myself unless I'm to the point that I am in physical and emotional pain.

    however, like you, if $ were no object? I would fly us to all the fabulous spas and have weekend getaways every single month. I did buy a lottery ticket this week. crossing fingers.

  5. utterly adore massages, but hardly ever in the budget ... maybe once every couple of years. and i die every time. (there is Spa week here though! must remember ... ). The most pampering I do regularly is the occasional bath with essential oils, and maybe once a year I get a pedi. Does good chocolate count as something for the body? I do that pretty regularly ...

  6. I see Shelley once a week for a quickie massage, not a deep tissue. Go to Opal in Park Slope, they are fantastic and prices not too bad. Also, Canyon Ranch on the QM2, baby. ANY. TIME.