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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who's That Girl?

I have a window in my bathroom. If you're from most places this isn't a huge deal. If you live in New York it's like I just said my cat shits diamonds. My window is small but so is my bathroom so it works out great. It's by the tub and has a sill where I can keep shampoo and stuff. I love showering in the sunlight but don't get much of a chance to do it.

The last few days I've hit the sweet spot and showered in warm rays of sunshine. It turns out the angle of the sun makes for a reflection I've never seen before. At the foot of the tub I can see my upper body clear as if the tiles were mirrors. Almost that clear but not quite because in the reflection I look like I have the most enormous rack!

I've always liked my breasts but they couldn't be classified as enormous in any context so it's cool to see myself as this character out of a bad Skinemax feature. I'm all soapy and wet and normal showering protocol starts to look way more racy than it really is.

It's no surprise to me that seeing oneself out of context can make you feel sexy even though seeing yourself with fresh eyes isn't always so great. A few years ago I went on a weight loss program not because I felt especially fat but because I saw some photos and I didn't recognize myself. I wasn't hugely overweight but I didn't feel like me so I decided to try and change it. This shower experience was similar in that it took me a moment to realize it was really me I was seeing but, in contrast, it was completely delightful. I believe that I've gone about my day with a little pep in my step, a little swagger in my wagger, if you will, because of it.

When was the last time you saw yourself differently and it felt great?


  1. Decided to check today to see what others have written and, surprise, no comments. I've been having trouble coming up with a moment when I've seen myself differently and it felt great. Usually I feel great then I see myself and go "Oh year, that's what I really look like". So it's more of a buzz kill. I've got one moment that I'm not sure counts.

    Way back in the BC years (Before Children) I used to do Victorian reenactment. A friend invited us to an old west murder mystery that he and his wife were attending. When they found out we were reenactors they invited us to join the show. I made a dinner dress from my favorite bustle period, 1880's. I got to play a part and improv all night. Earlier we had taken pictures in the hotel parking lot with the hillside behind us. When I saw those pictures later it was like seeing a different person. There was something about my hair, the dress and the tight corset that changed me into a completely different person. Maybe it was playing that part but it definitely felt good. We never went back to the murder mystery even though I would have gladly played that part forever. It was not the first, nor the last, time I dressed up but there are few that made me feel more special.

  2. Damita, I also have had some "oh dear" moments... for me it often has to do with seeing myself in pictures (sometimes I'm looking for my brunette self, and unless I start dying my hair, she ain't there).

    But I can also relate to that feeling of finding myself unexpectedly attractive, or sexy, or something (never busty, though!)... I wish I could think of a recent example. This is different from feeling vaguely fabulous, which does happen to me from time to time.

    I have been wanting to post here anonymously, because I never do that. Can you post anonymously, then sign your name?


  3. I have good days and bad days. The first year I did my 365 day project, I took a lot of racey pictures. I even went all nude for my birthday pic. It was scary and liberating. Before, I had never seen myself as sexy. I realized that I have the potential to be sexy. I realized that I have smokin hot legs.

  4. Hi Kizz - holdover from The Women's Colony here. Tonight was actually the last time I saw myself differently. My husband is out visiting family, the kids are watching a movie and I began looking up videos online to try & get a dance workout. At some point I stumbled upon a "private" dance tutorial, which I watched for a while (beautiful) but then looked up the song so I could dance to it myself.

    There's this dress I bought for a wedding over a year ago - I wore it that day but haven't since because it's kind of clingy and shows off some bumps & lumps. I tried it on tonight, with my bedroom lights out but with the laptop on & still providing some light. I looked really good in the shadows! Sexy, even. I hiked the skirt up way high - higher than I'd ever wear it in public - put on my knee-high black buits, and danced in the mirror. I was hot - I looked like someone else. It made me realize (once again) that wearing clothing that hugs my figure is much more attractive - because I do have a nice shape - than baggy outfits that hide everything (and really only succeed in making me look heavier).

    Can't wait for my husband to get home.