Kizz & Tell is a combination of item #17 on my Life List (Develop an erotic fiction web site) and a continuation of the G-spot column I used to write at The Women's Colony. From fantasies to frank discussion I'm just trying to re-create a really great conversation with your friends. I hope you'll join in!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pick A Little Talk A Little

I don't know how many of you know the origins of this site but I think now's a good time for a quick refresher. When Mrs. G founded a community blog called the Women's Colony she, rightly, thought that a sex blogger would be a good piece of the puzzle. She already had a team of fantastic writers so she (I assume, I wasn't there but this is the impression I got) asked around to see who wanted to grab that apple off the tree and everyone politely declined. We'd met in person and we were blog friends so she asked me if I would do it. I don't know if she knew before that offer that it's something I'd been interested in for a long time.

So I joined the Colony Crew and loved writing the G Spot column even on the days when I hated it. Mrs. G was right, it was a really popular section. It was not, however, a column that always got a ton of comments. People were reading but they were keeping mum. They seemed shy to talk about sex in general as well as online. We made some decisions about encouraging anonymity for comments if it made people feel more comfortable and the discussions opened up a lot. I'm sorry that, when the site closed, those comments were lost because I learned a lot. Some lessons were easier to accept than others, sure, but I was grateful to learn them anyway. After getting to know and trust me as a moderator and with the ability to post anonymously our readers were extremely brave and giving which led me to keep the conversations going here, albeit sporadically, after the Women's Colony was no more.

Today blogging Titan, Sweetney, opened up a conversation about moms and sex. In part she wonders if any moms are having sex because they aren't really talking about it. She was surprised to find that the majority of commenters are emailing her their answers. I'm not surprised but I'm glad that her readers trust her enough to talk to her about it even if they want to stay anonymous to the larger internet. I encourage you to check out the post if you haven't already. Let's talk!


  1. I really liked the G Spot column, so I'll be brave and leave a comment here. My husband's vasectomy 12 years ago really perked up our sex life, but lately the combination of my menopause and his snoring has done a number on my libido.

  2. I'm excited to go over and read Sweetney's blog post. I'm the TWC holdover that just commented on your latest post. I have definitely found my sexuality perking up in the last couple of years. It's not that I didn't enjoy it before, but I had a very rigid idea of what was acceptable and in those days I was making baby after baby. I'm finally out of that stage and pretty curious. The friends I have, well, we don't talk about sex. At least not often and not in detail. I have a very visible social media existence, tied to my real name and real employer, so I don't feel comfortable talking about this stuff online as anything but Anonymous, but I'm really glad I remembered that you write about this stuff. I would love to find a woman, a group of women, a place where I can listen to what other women have to say and where I can say what I want to say. Questions, problems, kiss & tells, ideas, fantasies.

    It's funny. I was around during the G Spot days but I'm pretty sure that anything I posted was anonymous, and I was very reluctant to post anything. But I read every word!