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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's....Well...

I am completely off my schedule here. I know it, I acknowledge it and I'm looking at it. Right now I'm taking it as a good thing and trying to write here when I'm inspired. I've been reading things I want to write about and stopping myself because "it's not the day for that." Well screw that!

AAG has a Blogger Anonymity Project. If anyone wants to write about something but needs a safely anonymous place to do so you can email your post to her and she'll share it in her space with none of your personal details. Today she's shared post #5 in the project and I really want you all to go read it.

The upshot is that a woman who identifies herself as polyamorous is married to a man who has mostly identified himself as monogamous. He's entering into his first relationship outside their marriage and she's working through what that means to her personally and for their marriage.

Please don't assume you know how this letter is going to play out. If you have the courage to read to the very end of the piece you'll have so much more to digest about what keeps people together and about the choices we make about love. This is a topic I roll around in my head all the time. ALL the time. It may have something Freudian to do with being an only child and always having been a partial participant in someone else's marriage or it may just be that I write a lot so I am nosy about how things work. Either way my feelings about non-monogamy aren't in the least clear cut and this woman's insight and bravery brought my understanding to a whole new level.

I would love to have all of you read this anonymous piece and to hear what you think about it. I'll be devouring the comments over there so I'll keep my eye out for you.


  1. Hello Kizz,
    I can't find the appropriate post, but be careful what you wish for. Sometimes it turns up!
    The Wendi Aarons International Fan Club.

  2. Oh! The Beck post is on my other blog, and I will MOST DEFINITELY be doing something with this photo tomorrow. THANK YOU!

  3. heh. this story hits mega-close to home.

  4. I thought of you. Part of what spurred me to share the link.

  5. thank you for sharing was something i think i needed to hear. i intend to share it with the big guy tomorrow, too, so he might better understand where i'm coming from.

    sidenote: the pain in the ass girl hasn't come back in awhile, thankfully, and i haven't had the same jealous reaction to any others he's been talking to.

  6. I was floored by how quickly this woman was able to sort through her feelings, like jealousy, and get to the heart of the matter. I love what she says about choice but man, it makes love sound even more fragile in some ways.

    I'm glad you got something out of it. I feel like I want the whole world to read it!

  7. seriously, she's one self-aware lady. it would be nice to be that in touch with oneself!

    regarding really can be a delicate thing. it needs so much protection and nurturing just to survive. helping it thrive is another matter entirely, and it's no wonder so few couples manage to get to that point.