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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Anticipation Goes Too Far

Way, waaaaaaay too far, eh?

I missed you! Sorry that I jumped ship for a bit. Let me lead by saying this is what I'm going to do in today's post, 1. ask a little question and 2. announce the ding dang winner of the Comstock Films giveaway! Finally.

1. I don't usually talk about writing here because that's not what this space is generally about. It's relevant right now, though, because clearly I had a hard time keeping up with writing here. Then I put off writing until I could do it "right." And here we are.

I'm having the same issue with doing nice sensual and sexual things for myself. There's no use listing all the reasons because they're wildly familiar. Say the first reason that comes into your head. Yup, it's on my list. I can almost guarantee it. For both writing and sex it's important to keep in practice. And I mean that in the yogic sense of the word, not the piano one.

So, the other day I had to get up about 40 minutes before the alarm to do one 3 minute task. Kind of not enough time to go back to sleep. Too much time to waste doing nothing. Too early to get up and go to the park with the dog. But you know? It was kind of the perfect amount of time for a personal treat, if you know what I mean, and a rest. So I did. Felt much better when it was time to start my day, too.

So the question is, of course, what have you done for yourself lately? And I don't mean did you change the oil in your car. Please elaborate in the comments. Italicized euphemisms not required.

2. Giveaway!

For the record here's what I did:

1. Wrote each entrant's name down the number of times they had earned to be included.
2. Went to's list randomizer and had the list mixed up officially randomly.
3. Moved over to's number generator to have it select a number. It was 2.
4. Go back to the randomized list to see who was in the 2nd slot.
5. Alert MistiRidiculous, aka Zelda, aka MKAEP, to check her mailbox in the next couple of days for a copy of Matt & Khym: Better Than Ever because SHE WON!

Thank you all for entering and I will do this again and in a more timely fashion so I hope you'll win next time. Every one of you!

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  1. i have more alternate names than we have euphimisms for Personal Treat.
    YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! yay!!! i never win anything!!!