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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Ruin the Party!

A FavoriteI have a longer story to tell you about yeast and homeopathic remedies and the downside to living another year but not quite enough time to tell it today. I have this other, shorter related thought I want to share, though, so today seemed a good time.

I don't enjoy the way the inside of my vagina feels.

It feels super controversial to say that, like I'm going to get dinged for self-hatred or something. Please don't get me wrong, I love my vagina. I like what it does (usually, wait for the yeast story) and how it makes some people react and how it makes me feel overall. It's just....I find myself sort of terrified when I put my fingers in there. It all feels too squishy, in an unpleasant, tapioca sort of way and then there are my fingernails. I can't get rid of the image of wearing stilettos in a bouncy castle.

You know?

To clarify, I kind of love the way the rest of the mechanism feels. Labia, clit, opening are all a treat to be devoured. It's just the chicken breast marinating in pudding sort of thing that's happening inside. I haven't been privileged to compare the way it feels to touch my vagina with the way it feels to touch someone else's either. I don't know if that danger quality would transfer or not. I assume it does but I know better than to assume anything...especially where sex is concerned.

Please, don't judge me harshly but do tell me how you feel. How's your tactile relationship with your happy parts? Let me know if I'm missing something, 'cause I'm always happy to learn something new.


  1. I think I have similar feelings. My husband has more relations with my vagina than I do. I do have a happy relationship with my clitoris and the outer lady bits.

    SO! I have been hearing things about pineapple. Please elaborate.

  2. My labia are a little too ... beefy, but I generally like the feel of my vagina. My only complaint is that it's a little too (sometimes a lot too) wet for me. I've never had anyone complain that it's *too* wet but sometimes it's hard to get a good finger hold.

  3. my vagina is possibly the only body part i have that i genuinely love. though that photo + manual stimulation = giggle fits. thanks. :P

  4. Somehow my spam filter made it so that I just now got some of these comments. Yes to everything!

    I will tell the yeast story soon. Maybe Saturday.

    Glad I'm not alone. I have the wet thing, too. But it's never bothered me. I've gotten compliments over it, too!