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Monday, July 26, 2010

Biggie Smalls

Sometimes the anticipation of something is huge. It grows bigger and bigger and crazier and more important to you and you envision it dressed in satin and velvet (or leather & lace, it's up to you) and people are cheering on the sidelines and when it's all over you just know you'll have a glass of champagne, a box of chocolates and the world's biggest trophy all for your very own.

Then it turns out that whatever it is, however cool it actually turns out to be, is actually more the quiet kind of awesome. You find yourself drinking a glass of homemade sangria and eating gourmet macaroni and cheese out of the tub in your own living room anticipating the girl scout cookies you'll be nabbing out of the freezer to ice the cake of your success.

Not that that's how the launch of this site is going down for me or anything.

Honestly, I do better with that sort of success. Not that I'm going to say no thank you when it's time to tread the red carpet or anything, but that I do enjoy a nice sneak attack. I like to quietly do what I've set out for myself and then let people discover it for themselves. Obviously this time I improved the odds a bit by pimping it on all the internet media I could manage but, you know what I mean. No one's going to throw a party or set off any fireworks or send a record setting bouquet of roses. We're just going to slip slide on back into our conversations over here and by gum I'm fucking grateful for it. It was nice to have a rest but after a week or so I kept tripping over something every 10 seconds that I wanted to talk to you all about and I felt like I had to save it!

Not any more.

As it says up there in the description I'll be posting regularly on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays will be our sex and health discussions. Occasionally I'll rerun old G-spot posts from The Women's Colony until we've got all those in the archive here, too. On Fridays I'll run original pieces of erotic fiction. I thought it'd be a nice way to spice up our run into the weekend. I may try to put up a few links in the middle of the week or a short question but that won't be set in stone. I promise to begin and end the week here. Sign up for the RSS feed if you want to be sure not to miss anything.

Let's get this conversation rolling. Like any success, sex can be the fanfare and trophies kind or the quiet, private, blink and you nearly miss it sort of thing. There's a lot to be said for both. A long while ago I was having a quickish night with an old friend and somehow it it went the way of the 4th of July. We were in a semi-private place so drum banging madness was prohibited and I wound up having to be silenced with a pillow. Much like my experience with riding the Cyclone (not a euphemism) screaming or not screaming wasn't a choice, it was an imperative. It's pretty rare that I'm compelled to verbalize in any way but that was surely the strongest instance of it. I just wanted to keep screaming forever.

It was awesome.

In the other category I have fond memories of a few times as a teenager being in those endless makeout sessions. One thing would progress to another and there would be all manner of distracting things going on, not least the insecurities of being new to this kind of excitement. I never expected to be able to come in those situations because nothing was ever certain and none of us had any idea how to keep track of where we were ourselves and work out how to read the other person simultaneously. But sometimes...sometimes, just when you thought it'd all stop and you'd be left wanting, over you'd go and it was like a free ice cream sundae. You never thought you'd get one and then there it is filling you right up. For a second. Before you had to worry about how to convey that you'd...been to the mountain, so to speak. But that second was a true, quiet treasure.

Any memorable...mountain climbing stories you want to share?


  1. Oh how I love mountain climbing and your new blog! I am glad to see your voice is going to live on even though the Colony died. I've missed it. Congratulations!

  2. WOOT! And can I just say, I LOVE that there's a "content warning" before I could get here. Awesome.

  3. I love the banner! And I am impressed. I love reading erotic fiction, but I just don't think I could ever write it. I'm not even good at talking dirty. That's OK. I hear that what I lack in verbiage, I make up for in enthusiasm.

  4. that foot of mine shows up in the damndest places! LOVE IT!!!

  5. I have a little anecdote for you along those lines, but I think I have to post it after a glass of wine... and it's a little early in the day for that! Congrats on a fine beginning, Kizz. For me, starting things is the hardest part. In this context, that sounds suggestive of something, but I'm not sure what ;)

  6. Cindy, I'm not great at talking dirty, either, but writing I find is a whole different thing.

    Sara, it's wine time now. I hope you'll come back and tell your story!

  7. Glad to see more of your writing!! Still pondering that erotica I'd like to write along with a few ideas for more mainstream stuff... I really enjoy reading your blog(s)!! :)

  8. What is better? The build-up or the climax?
    I miss the breathless, fluttery anticipation of everything being new and it wasn't always available...
    But I love that we can now be spontaneous in the morning... or whenever. And sometimes it is just a stroll down a pleasant path, rather than climbing a mountain, satisfying nonetheless.
    Excited you have this up and running.

  9. Lanette, I'm usually of the mind that we might as well write whatever we're thinking about writing. Then we can decide when or how to share it.

    Naomi, I feel as though there's a whole post in what you're asking and describing. It's really complicated.

  10. Oh boy, oh boy. I think let's get into the feel of this. After a while, I think I might have some stories to share.

  11. Are you taking submissions? I mean that in a literary way, of course.

  12. I had amazing sex Tuesday night...that totally just snuck up on me! We were both tired, didn't get home til late...said we were just going to sleep...but one thing led to another and another and another...and HOLY MOG! I still get tingly thinking about it :-)

  13. best biggie small memory comes from the most amazing kiss ever, with my fiancee (we waited till the wedding, though there were many mountains beforehand). Seated side-by-side, grungy hotel, awkwardly not touching anywhere but on the lips for some unremembered reason. It went on forever and ever, tender, juicy, slow, and both of us hit the top at the same instant, every nerve singing opera ... I think I almost went deaf. I've climbed mountains with him for 10 great years so far, and the memory of that one still makes me wet and tingly.

  14. I hope I have a mountain-climbing story to share after I climb that mountain with that cute boy in Idaho on Labor Day!!!!!!!!